Floor Plan Reveal

Our block is an unusual wedge-shape which means there is a wide street frontage that narrows at the rear. The main reasons we bought there were because of the established gardens, including big oak trees that line either side of the street, and because the back yard faces North, so the living areas could spill out into the garden and large windows on that side of the house can take advantage of all the natural light (and warmth in Winter).

Part of the brief to the Architect was for the house to have some connection with the street. I really wanted a window off the staircase so that we could enjoy the view every time we walk up and down. I’m hoping as you climb to the top it will feel a bit like a treehouse!

The first set of plans were quite different, with a Japanese inspired ‘east wing’ shooting off a more symmetrical mid-century modern style space. While the concepts in themselves were very good, together, they became a bit confused and we realised we were trying to cram too many ideas into one house. So we went back to the drawing board and mapped out where we wanted the rooms and the Architect pulled it together in a more cohesive way. While we haven’t ended up with a sculptural masterpiece, we think the simplicity speaks for itself and the collection of spaces will make for a comfortable and practical home.


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