We’re building a house!

A friend suggested a little while back (ok, about 2 years back) that I start a blog about building our new house. I think she hoped I would stop talking about it everytime we saw each other thought it would be a fun way to share the progress. I am also hoping I can tap into other people’s (that’s you) experiences and ideas to help me make some decisions along the way!

As indicated by the ‘our’, the new digs will be home to my other half, Chris, me, and our three (yes, three!) cats. The original plan was to extend the existing 3 bedroom, 60’s house that we grew quite fond of, however, the siting on the block was not ideal which meant there was a fair bit of wasted space at the front (thereby significantly reducing the size of the back yard) and no space to fit a garage.

Enter plan B: knockdown rebuild. It took several iterations before we were happy with a floor plan. In fact, after almost a year of planning, we completely scrapped the first set of drawings and started again. The second time round came much more easily. We had lived in the house for a while and I had been tracking where the sun was at different times of the day and how it changed with the seasons. Having lived in a couple of houses with no consideration to the northerly aspect, I really wanted a passive solar design. The house is designed with this in mind, its connection with the garden and in particular, some large trees (which is a big part of what drew us to the block in the first place).


Street view (our block is immediately to the left)



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