How trendy is too trendy?

One of the questions I have asked myself often since embarking on building our new home is if the materials we choose are going to stand the test of time or whether the house will be so crammed full of the latest trends that it will look dated before we finish unpacking the new towels. I find it a tricky balance to make choices that we love now while keeping one eye on what that might look like in five years. I mean, what if I end up hating rose gold?

I’ve concluded that it’s not something to get too hung up about, so rather than feel paralyzed by the decision-making, I’ve tried to incorporate a few ‘raw’ materials for the larger expanses, and happily embrace the odd trend or two like the metallic frenzy in tapware that we currently find ourselves in.

Enter polished concrete. Perhaps concrete can’t be legitimately classified as ‘raw’ but it does have real stone in it so that’s got to count for something, right? Regardless, we decided (along with a growing number of others) it is a great choice for the living areas because it’s durable, efficient in absorbing and releasing the sun’s warmth, works effectively with in-slab heating, and is easy to clean.

We chose an off white concrete with a quartz, grey and brown pebble mix. I was a bit tentative about the browns as they are well and truly in the orange spectrum, but it was one of the colours Chris really liked and I want the spaces to seem ‘warm’ so it seemed like a good way to go.

I was so excited to see the long awaited slab pour and super impressed by the polishing skills of the guys from Ruff Rock. I can’t wait to turn on that in-slab heating next Winter too!

concrete deliverySlab pourSlab dryinggrindingPolished slabclose up polished concrete


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