What to do with a ‘nothing’ space

One of the things I love about building and renovating is having the opportunity to customise the spaces with built in furniture so that there are cosy nooks to read a book, shelves to display favourite things and closed doors to hide ugly cords and other such paraphernalia.

There is one space in our house that the Architect thought was a ‘nothing’ room (aka the Family Room) because I insisted on making it larger (6 x 5.2m) than he thought was necessary to fit a couch and tv. It was a fair comment, and to be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to put in there. The only thing I knew was that I wanted the seating to be off the walls, on a large circular rug. But I had a feeling I would figure out the details…eventually.

Enter Pinterest. When I started sketching up the joinery for that room a couple of weeks ago, I looked back at the hundreds of images I have been saving over the last couple of years and rediscovered this little gem. So I had a bit of an aha moment about the far wall of the ‘nothing’ room and started imagining all the different ways it could be used – a breakfast bar/kid-sized desk/extra seating for entertaining/kitty vantage point…the list goes on.

All of a sudden, our ‘nothing’ room became a ‘something’ room. It has purpose. I can imagine sitting there in the morning sun, looking out into the garden. Doesn’t it look like the perfect spot to sip a cup of tea?


On the long windowless wall, we are thinking of putting a low bank of drawers to sit the tv on (and double as extra seating if needed).


This will be bookended with a floor to ceiling shallow cupboard (for the hidey things)…


and open shelving at the opposite end.


Next step: colours and materials! The emerging theme is spotted gum, matte black concrete and perforated steel.

Option 1: Concrete bar, steel shelves, timber tv bench

Option 2: Timber bar, steel shelves, concrete tv bench top

Option 3???

Family Room Joinery
proposed layout

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