Top 5 interior & homewares shops (June)

Chris and I sometimes joke that if someone broke into our house they would think the owner was an 86-year-old lady because our furniture is a mix of inherited pieces from both families (including grandparents) and there is absolutely no common theme whatsoever. There are some things we treasure, but there are other things that I won’t be sorry to say goodbye to.

I’m not joking, the situation is dire. This was our arrangement in the last house. The pink mound in the corner, is in fact an outdoor recliner layered with cushions and a doona. At best, you could call it cosy. The other blankets were draped over the couch to protect it from kitty claws. If it was a better quality photo, you would see how bright the mustard colour wall was.

FullSizeRender (10)

We have now upgraded to recliners, hand downs from my parents, which is appreciated because we would otherwise be sitting on the cold floor, but nevertheless, they are not going to gel with the new décor.

So I’ve been scouring the shops for bits and pieces to style our current ‘Urban Luxe‘ project, that we can also use to furnish our own home. These are my latest go tos. Some of them are running EOFY sales, so you might pick up a bargain if you get in quick.

  1. Hunting for George – I bought a gorgeous blush pink doona cover and pot plant holder. I am definitely on board with this 2016 colour trend!


2. Amonson Lighting – I bought two Mega Bulb Pendant Lights in grey for the Main Bedroom


3. Ivy Muse – I have my eye on the Willow plant stand but I can’t decide on white or glacier!


4. Life Interiors – I recently snapped up a Middle of Nowhere ‘Farrah’ painting


5. Curious Grace – I badly want the Original Hold Sofa but I’m hesitating about going all strawberry marshmallow with the colour scheme. It would be so good if they did custom fabrics, don’t you think?



3 thoughts on “Top 5 interior & homewares shops (June)

  1. Great finds! Love them all and I think you could definitely pull off the pink couch! Are you on Instagram? I’ll be giving away a stack of amazing prizes that I think you’d love to win for your new home. It starts this Friday 🙂


    1. Thanks Gina! I saw all your fabulous prizes but I’m not on insta. Love looking at all the spoils anyway though 🙂 I was super excited to see that Luum now do the day bed I am lusting over in a bench size!


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