New build update: frames and trusses

It has been the wettest Winter I can remember but I’m pleased to share that there is finally something that resembles a house growing out of the ground! One of the first things we realised as the frame was going up was just how much glazing there will be. So much so, that we decided to brick in a little more of the Lounge Room instead of having two entire walls of glass.

It has also been the first time I have climbed high enough (I was too chicken to stand on the old roof) to see the view from what will be the upstairs windows. We’re building in a very flat area so there are no breathtaking views of mountains or anything like that but it was still a nice surprise to see how beautifully the ensuite highlight windows frame a glimpse of the surrounding treetops. I was also thrilled to see the Main Bathroom and Ensuite roof windows. This is a little indulgence I begged the Architect for: a long narrow window that starts at the floor and partly wraps over the roof. I had it in mind for above the bath but when he was drawing the elevations, it looked better with two so he gave me an extra one to enjoy! We’ll get to the privacy issues later…

Back yard facing Family Room, Dining & Lounge
Front yard facing Study (downstairs) and Main Bedroom & ensuite (upstairs)
Family Room
Main Bedroom
Main Bathroom roof window



2 thoughts on “New build update: frames and trusses

    1. I can’t quite taste the end yet but it’s sure nice to be able to walk through more than air walls 😉

      I’m very much looking forward to seeing those windows go in! Hehe, it would be interesting to see what the next house would look like knowing everything you know now, maybe that’s another future blog post!


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