New build update: Windows!

I can not express how enormously relieved I am to tell you that our windows have finally gone in! Well, almost (the two sky windows are lucky last to be installed).

We were originally planning to get regular aluminium frames (how many options can there really be?) but once we started down the passive house road, we learned that the solar gains, extra insulation and air-tightness would be lost to some degree in the cooler months if the frames didn’t perform better, and similarly in the hot Summer, wouldn’t be as effective at keeping the heat outside. So I did a bit of research. We sourced quotes, scoured the internet, visited window showrooms, opened and closed doors, scrutinised the mechanisms and mulled over U-values.

I had my heart set on slimline black aluminium frames but the UPVC windows were excellent performers and more affordable so I spent the good part of 3 months talking myself into them. Until I didn’t. The UPVC windows made perfect sense but the frames were a little heavier and it just wasn’t the vision I had imagined for our house.

I searched until I found a supplier of a brand of thermally broken aluminium windows called Thermeco that I had been coveting, that happened to be having a sale at the time. It turns out the Queensland supplier, Winsulation is the best thing to happen to our build so far, being super helpful and patient and even sending an installation team to Canberra to hook us up with these beauties.

I’m not going to lie, it was a major chunk of our budget (and then some) but I’m really pleased at the result and glad I went with my gut on this one. There is still a fair whack of glazing to pop in this week but here’s how they are looking so far.


family room
dining area
lounge room
main bedroom
ensuite roof window
view from bath roof window



2 thoughts on “New build update: Windows!

  1. Thanks Gina! I’m glad you like the roof window, it is definitely my favourite and I can’t wait to take a bath under the stars.

    We are planning to install Roma zipscreens on most of the large windows downstairs. They are external blinds so mainly for privacy and blocking the direct sunlight in Summer. I’m not too sure about all of the interior window coverings though. I want curtains in the lounge room and main bedroom but perhaps blinds would be better in the kitchen/family room with the raked ceiling. It’s possible the external blinds will be all we need in that space depending on how well the house performs but maybe we will want something to cosy up the space in Winter. I think there will be some bare windows for a while! What would you put in there?

    There are still a couple more doors to have glazing installed and the garage door before we reach lock-up but the gyprock is meant to start going up next week I think. Yay!


  2. O-M-GGGGgggggg whatever it cost, it was worth the splurge! I stopped breathing when I saw your ensuite window roof – the ultimate dream! Seriously love them all.

    Will you put window treatments in the room with the raked ceiling? Interested to know what you have planned for there.

    Hopefully that’s the hardest part of your build done. Are you at lock up now? Looking forward to seeing your internal finishes!


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